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I’ve been working on MySQL since 2008 but I didn’t write any technical blogs until I joined FromDual GmbH and my first blog was published in October 24th 2013! (You can find all my blogs at FromDual here).
I liked writing blogs for many reasons but mainly for the following two:

  1. Sharing knowledge and contributing with MySQL community to make the information easier and available for all.
  2. Very good reference for myself to do my daily work more efficiently.

Now, I’m eager to blog again so I decided to create my own blog, MySQL Step-by-Step Blog.
The idea of choosing the name “Step-by-Step” is I like to explain all steps needed for doing a task – you may have discovered that already in my blogs at FromDual – so, I’m hoping that my blogs will not only be useful for advanced MySQL users but also for beginners as well.

MySQL Step-By-Step Blog is still under constructions, I need to prepare it well but at least for now, I’ve a place where I can publish my blogs 🙂

Looking forward to contributing again to the MySQL community by writing useful blogs.

Abdel-Mawla Gharieb